A Unique Speck

One night a man had a dream.

He was traveling through the universe, becoming witness to beautiful galaxies and colorful celestial bodies no human eye had ever seen. He could sense a presence that was willing and controlling all that he saw. He viewed the awesome spectrum from an exploding star that made him ponder the luminescence of Heaven itself. It was apparent to him that all he was witnessing was supposed to be happening. The serenity of the overpowering presence assured him of that.

Shortly, he returned to the solar system that contains the Earth. Initially, with its blue and white pale appearance, the Earth appeared beautiful and wondrous, at synergy with the rest of the universe. But as he drew nearer to the planet, to his home, a feeling of great sorrow and embarrassment began to grip him. This troubled him deeply. For he no longer felt the divine will as strongly as he had before. He knew it was still present in its entirety, but there was a competing will he could sense emanating from the planet.

This planet was stark contrast to the lifelessness of the rest of the universe. Here existed intelligent life created in the image of God, of which the man himself was a member. The competing sensation of an opposing will on this planet moved him to reflect upon his own life. On Earth, many things that occur are not supposed to be happening. God's very own beings are making decisions every day to go against the will of their Creator. Here in front of him, as far as he could tell, was the only smudge in an otherwise perfectly obedient universe. He realized that God must have loved humanity so much to create us, and the reason for that is the universal mystery. But the man was troubled knowing that every occasion of his where he did not choose God's will was like wiping his feet on a masterpiece.

The man woke up and went to church to pray. He went to Mass and, as he received the true body and blood of God's only divine human son, suddenly realized how much God loves us when he humbles himself and becomes present in our earthly bread and wine. He decided that very day that by conforming his will to God's will he would be cleaning up his soul and making himself hopeful of someday, through God's grace, returning to that heavenly, wondrous beauty he had witnessed. For he just had to meet the Creator that could still love and forgive this speck of disobedience in the universe.

Chris Murphy

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