Radical Islamism = Racism = Genocide…

On August 29, 2001, The Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights made a long overdue statement regarding radical Islamism, and the threat that it holds for the entire world. This statement was made at the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) in Durban, South Africa. This is truly a wake up call to the entire world.

Declaration by The Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights Affirming the Dangers of Radical Islamism and a Call to Recognize the Historical Oppression of Religious Minorities Subjected to this Racist-like Practice.

We, the members of The Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights, representing minority religious and ethnic communities from around the world, call upon the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, now meeting in Durban, South Africa, to address and condemn the ideology of Radical Islamism — a deviation from Islam — as intolerant, xenophobic, racist, supremacist, discriminatory, anti-democratic, and genocidal.

We also call upon the Conference to alert the international community to the widespread dangers of Radical Islamism's culture of animosity and destruction, and to remember and honor the victims of this oppressive ideology of hate toward religious minorities of all beliefs, races, and nationalities.

We call upon the Conference to recognize that Radical Islamism is a totalitarian movement aimed at establishing a worldwide Radical Islamist state that:
Divides Humanity into two groups: those defined as righteous Muslims, and those defined as infidels;
That support religious wars against non-Islamist Muslims and non-Muslim infidels worldwide;
That establish an Apartheid-like regime similar to those in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan, to subjugate and control infidels;
That legitimize and extend human rights abuses — including slavery — on a massive scale;
That employ a global economic resource (oil) as a weapon against non-Muslim nations in the service of its goals.

We believe that the World Conference must act in a manner consistent with the defense of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ensure that its summary record reflect that Radical Islamism is recognized by all democratic societies as an evil doctrine that should be confronted at Durban and in all United Nations bodies.

To that end, the Conference should recognize the following irrefutable historical facts and warn against the future threats of Radical Islamism:
(1) Radical Islamism Sanctions War through its Radicalized Version of a World Religion.
(2) Jihad, or Holy War, is a religiously sanctioned call for individual and collective violence made by Radical Islamists against "infidels" worldwide. In the past, the concept of Jihad was responsible for many of the greatest tragedies in human history. For over thirteen centuries, millions of human lives have been sacrificed by Jihad campaigns around the world . Now, inspired and organized by the Supremacist ideology of Radical Islamism, Jihad again threatens millions of individuals across the globe.
3) Fatah, or military conquest, is the employment of Jihad for imperial expansion and colonization of non-Islamic lands. Radical Islamists believe that Fatah is as legitimate today as when the concept gave rise to a series of invasions of countries outside Islam's original birthplace in the Arabian Peninsula.

Historically, Fatah was employed repeatedly over the centuries and included the unprovoked invasions known as Ghazwas by Arab Muslims beginning in 636 AD/CE. These invasions aimed to capture and dominate the Dar al-Harb and impose the religion, and in many areas the language and culture, of the Arab Muslims on their captive subjects. Radical Islamists today wish to re-institutionalize the Ghazwas, thereby re-connecting themselves to a nostalgic, "heroic" past. If successful, they will have reconstituted the world's longest ongoing campaign of imperialist aggression.

A brief History of Regional Jihads:
In the 7th Century following the establishment of a government under the Caliph or supreme Muslim religious leader in the Arabian Peninsula, Arab Muslim armies conquered Syria, Palestine, and Mesopotamia, and imposed their rule over the indigenous Christian Armenians, Arameans, Assyrians, Syriacs, Chaldeans, and Jews. Coptic Christian Egypt, Nubian Northern Sudan, Berber Cyrenaica (Libya) and Numedia (Algeria) also were then conquered followed by Spain, southern France, and Sicily. The Arab Muslim armies also invaded Persia and Central Asia reaching as far as India. In all of these lands, an Islamic state was established against the will of the native populations and imposed by Arab governors under the Caliph.

A second unprovoked Fatah was launched from the 11th to the 17th century when Turkish Muslim warriors stormed and conquered Christian Armenia, Byzantium, Greece, the Balkans, and parts of eastern and central Europe, up to the gates of Vienna. Meanwhile a third unprovoked Fatah caused the subjugation of Hindu and Buddhist India. The Fatah was a planned and organized movement to subdue cultures, and destroy them as a prelude to replacing them with a new foreign religious culture. Today, Radical Islamists wish to revive the Fatah on a global scale.

The Adepts of Radical Islamism Subscribe to an Anachronistic and Widely Discredited Version of a Universal, Monotheistic Faith, Islam, that is a Source of Inspiration to Hundreds of Millions of Muslims worldwide. Radical Islamists believe in a 1400 year-old religious concept that divides the world into two zones: Dar al-Islam: the realm of peace and Dar al-harb: the realm of war. The former is a zone that is ruled by Islamic states which are worthy of full peace, while the latter is ruled by infidels who inhabit a zone of war, susceptible to Islamic subjugation. Radical Islamists promote a religious worldwide confrontation between the two zones that grants legitimacy to imperial conquest, colonialism, slavery, ethnic cleansing, suppression of liberties, forced religious conversion, and Jihad or Holy War.

Radical Islamists also believe in the 1400 year-old concept of Ridda which holds that a natural born or converted Muslim may not convert or revert to another religion. Today, in many countries ruled or influenced by the Radical Islamist version of Koranic Law, there exists a religiously sanctioned death penalty for those who may decide to change their religion.

Radical Islamism Imposes an Inferior Status on All Non-Muslims and the Special Subservient Status of Dhimmi for "the People of the Book" - Jews and Christians. In the 7th century, the Caliph Umar imposed this Dhimmi status on conquered populations under his rule. Christians, Jews, and others were forced to accept Al-Shurut al-Umariya, or Umar's conditions, a system of restrictions designed to shame and despoil non-Muslim subjects. Dhimmi peoples had to relinquish their land, were forced to pay a special "protection" tax (dhimma) or face death, wear distinctive clothing, and were banned from most government positions.

Today, Radical Islamists seek to re-impose this state-sanctioned discrimination, calling it an effort to "protect" minorities. In reality, such measures are always part of an effort to enforce assimilation, conversion, and to annihilate the identity of others. The example of Afganistan, where the Hindu minority is forced to wear distinctive clothing to mark them as infidels, is among the most well known.

In areas throughout the Islamic world, Radical Islamists use repression and violence against infidel minorities.
In Egypt, Radical Islamists persecute the Copts;
in Sudan, the Radical Islamist regime massacres and enslaves the Dinkas, both Christian and traditionalist;
in Lebanon, Radical Islamists terrorize the Christians;
in Nigeria, they butchered Biafran Ibos and oppress the Christians.
In Iraq and Syria, alleged secular radical regimes that are governed by Arab nationalist ideologies and penetrated by Jihadic norms suppress native Christian cultures.
In Iran, they persecute Christians and Bahais;
in Kashmir, they wage a terrorist war against the Hindu minority;
in the southern Philippines, they terrorize Catholics and kidnap foreigners;
in East Timor, they have endorsed the regime's attempts at ethnic cleansing against Christians;
in Indonesia, they routinely assault the native Christians, particularly in the Moluccas.

Radical Islamists Seek to Establish the Supremacy of their Version of Islam Over all Other Faiths: the "Global Jihad." Guided by a deviated interpretation of Islam, the Radical Islamists believe that they will rule the world because of their conviction in the superiority of their religion. Their propaganda mirrors such beliefs as in the Middle East, where they call for the takeover of secular governments in Muslim countries, the destruction of Israel, and the elimination of Christians in Lebanon and South Sudan. In Africa, they call for the conversion to Islam of Black Africa. In Russia, they call for the violent secession of Chechnya, and Dagestan. In Pakistan, they promote Jihad to sever the multi-ethnic province of Kashmir from India. In China, they call for the creation of an Islamic state in Xinjiang. In South East Asia, they support the elimination of East Timor, the destruction of Christian and Chinese minorities in Indonesia, the establishment of a Radical Islamist state in the South Philippines. In Europe, they encourage Radical Islamist separatism in Bosnia and Kosovo, and now in Macedonia. In America and Europe, they have taken over the leadership of the growing Muslim communities to radicalize them and pave the way for Radical Islamist political action in the service of a global Jihad. In every instance, their message is carefully tuned to promote the legitimization of Jihad movements by the international community. To accelerate that goal the Radical Islamists of today are planning, and implementing a Jihad to re-establish the universal Caliphate.

Radical Islamists Abuse Human Rights in their Home Countries:
Racial Islamists reject political pluralism, democracy, and fundamental human freedoms in their home countries and abroad. Wherever possible, they use existing freedoms to reach power and then physically eliminate or subdue their opposition. Radical Islamists prohibit or have eliminated political freedoms in Afganistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan, and plan on eliminating those freedoms enjoyed in other countries as they come to dominate them.

Similarly, Radical Islamists do not tolerate religious freedom, or regimes that permit religious equality. In Saudi Arabia, state law forbids non-Muslims to practice their faith. In Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, and Egypt, non-Muslims are discriminated against in varying degrees.

Much like Dhimmis, women under Radical Islamist regimes and throughout the Muslim world live as an inferior class of citizens. Such regimes promote gender discrimination against women, theologically, ideologically, socially, politically and economically. From Afghanistan to Morocco, women suffer dearly at different levels and in different contexts. Women, who have unequal legal rights, are abused through systematic social discrimination, psychological oppression. Female genital mutilation (FGM) and honor killings are among the most well-known depravations suffered by women in many countries.

Radical Islamists proclaim the equality of races under Islam, but have established a form of religious racism wherever they expanded. They have developed the concept of the "Umma" - the "religious nation" - from which non-Muslims are excluded as a whole. Hence, religion to Radical Islamists is not just a faith held by some citizens and not others; it is an absolute demarcation, dividing superior from inferior human beings. To Radical Islamists, religion is akin to race in any racist system as it sets up an exclusive, superior category of human beings with rights to dominate the others. Within this system, Arab Radical Islamists advocate an Arab Caliph, the Arabic language as the sacred language, and regard other Muslims, especially those of African origin, as inferior. The Radical Islamists' distaste for Africans is rooted in the Arab Muslim participation in the enslavement of Africans, a practice that dates back to the 7th Century AD/CE. Arab-Islamist raids into Africa since the conquest of Egypt have ravaged Africa, uprooted tens of millions of men, women and children, destroying countless families. It contributed to the European slave trade from Africa to the Americas from the 17th century. The Arab enslavement of Africans over the centuries remains active today in Sudan.

Radical Islamists Deny Their Crimes Against Humanity:
While other cultures, movements and religions have acknowledged and sometimes apologized for past racist practices, the Radical Islamists refuse to admit the historical crimes they, and their predecessors, have perpetrated since the 7th century and refuse to acknowledge that those crimes are still being perpetrated today.

In the areas under their control they write revisionist histories of their actions, denying the identity and history of the nations they have subjugated and burying the evidence of the Jihad that they waged against native peoples. In the West, they fund educational programs aimed at erasing their crimes from history. Radical Islamists are penetrating the public educational systems to impose their view of their victims world with the unwitting assistance of their victims. In this way, they obliterate the violent and racist nature of their predecessors' actions and prepare for their return to absolute power, decreed by their beliefs.

When you are dealing with the Islamic culture, you are dealing with a culture that is not forward-looking in the modern, Western tradition. It is a culture obsessed with the past, deeply immersed in “victimology” and worships the concept of martyrdom. It is a culture that is seething with hate and revenge against anyone that they think has wronged them over the millenniums. It is a culture that says one thing but believes and practices just the opposite. For the Islamic religion talks peace, but believes and practices hate.

When one tries to put oneself in the mind of a young, idealistic, intelligent and deeply religious member of Islamic culture, things look very different. When such a person looks at the West with its impressive symbols of prosperity and power, what they really see is a giant monument to their own cultures failure in comparison. When faced with such a reality one is left with only two alternatives, acknowledge the superiority of Western Civilization and join it on one level or another, or reject and seek to destroy it. The bombers of September 11th chose the latter, and unfortunately for the world there are millions more of them. Far more than are acknowledged by their own leaders or by the spokesmen for the many Islamic organizations.

Taking the Arab-Israeli conflict as an example: The Islamic world does not hate the West because of its support for Israel, it hates Israel because it is a small symbol of Western dominance and success over Islam. Do away with Israel tomorrow and the fundamental problem remains from their perspective. That is why Bin Laden and his followers see the US as their primary target. The US is Western Civilization. The US is the Great Satan.

For these reasons, the Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights calls upon the World Conference Against Racism to:
1) Request the Organization of the Islamic Conference - acting on behalf of its 57 members - to apologize for past Jihad crimes against humanity, including the brutal invasion and occupation of lands and peoples in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asia, and the mass enslavement of Africans and others, including Europeans;
2) Condemns all current Jihads, and calls on these Governments to cease violating the rights of ethnic and religious minorities and peoples;
3) Calls on the United Nations to Equate Radical Islamism, Jihad-ism, and Dhimmitude with Racism, Colonialism, and Imperialism;
4) Calls on the United Nations to intervene to protect the rights and lives of religious and ethnic minorities and non-Islamist Muslims in Afganistan, Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia Sudan, and Syria;
5) Calls on Islamic scholars and intellectuals to reject the concepts of Fatah, Jihad, and Dhimmitude;
6) Calls on Islamic Governments to stop imposing the Shari'a on non-Muslims and guarantee the rights of all enlightened Muslim humanists and intellectuals.

Submitted by: The Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights, an umbrella coalition representing various organizations from the following communities: Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, Humanist Muslims, Copts, Assyrians, Syriacs, Southern Sudanese, Maronites, Southern Philippinos, West Africans, Ibos, Slavic Christians, Armenians, Arab Christians, Nubians, secular intellectuals, and women's groups.

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