Ways To Understand The Bible Better

The question is often asked, how can I learn what is in the Bible if the Bible is so difficult to understand? In this day and age there are a great many resources that a believer can go to in order to help him understand the Bible.

TV Ministers
The first way is by listening to ministers and preachers on TV. There are dozens and dozens of ministers on TV. Many are good, some are bad, some are horribly bad, and some are fantastic and seem to be sent from heaven. You will never know which are which until you give them a try. The right TV minister will use the Bible through out his entire sermon, and therefore will bring you great understanding of the Bible. The right minister can open up the Bible and make it a living breathing thing for you. With the right minister your knowledge will quickly grow and things that were complete mysteries will now begin to be understood. With the right minister the Bible will become a very exciting book and the urge to learn more will become very strong. The right TV minister can open up a whole new spiritual world to you.

If you are keeping your own library on various religious topics, then I would suggest that you video record these religious programs even as you watch them. Each one of these programs will generally give you so much information at one time, that you won't be able to copy every thing down. So if you record these programs, you can then go back and copy down the information that you missed.

Another way to help you to better understand what is in the Bible is your computer. There are millions of web pages on every conceivable Christian topic. Tons and tons of explanations, opinions, and commentaries on every spiritual subject that you can think of are found on the internet. Interpretations of every single verse of the Bible can be found there. There are unbelievable amounts of sermons, and every conceivable type of Bible aid is also up there on the internet. And it is all up there for only one reason, to help you learn and understand what is in the Bible.

Commentaries on the Internet
Bible commentaries give great understanding and insight into the Bible because they take each book of the Bible and explain every single verse. Therefore, you will get a great deal of understanding if you read a Bible commentary on the chapter of the Bible that you are reading. The Bible commentary will interpret and allow you to understand what you are reading in the Bible. There are many Bible commentaries on every book of the Bible that can be found on the Internet. All it takes is a little searching. As an example, I have listed a number of Bible commentaries for specific books of the Bible at the sites listed below.








19 Different books of the Bible are explained

All the Books of the Bible are explained

Bible Commentaries for all the Books

Bible Commentaries for all the Books

(This last site is Adam Clarke's Bible Commentary site, and is just fantastic for learning the books of the Bible. So if you really want to begin to learn and understand the Bible then take any book of the Bible and read one chapter a day. Read verse one chapter one in your Bible and then read the commentary that Adam Clarke has for verse one. Then go to your Bible and read verse two of chapter one and then read the commentary for verse two that Adam Clarke has. Doing just one chapter a day like this will make reading the Bible fun and you will not believe how much you are learning each and every day. Plus you will soon be amazed at how interesting the Bible is.)

Search and bookmark Internet sites that answer Bible questions
There are a great many sites that answer specific questions concerning the Bible and related Christian subjects. Some of these sites contain hundreds of questions and answers. Below are two examples.

Answers to Bible Questions

Answers to Bible questions

Bible Aids on the Internet
Concordances and word search aids can also be found on the internet. They can become a tremendous help to the person who wants to learn about the Word of God. Some of those Bible aids are listed below.

Word and phrase search in many different Bible versions
This Bible aid is invaluable if you know a word or two but do not know where it is in the Bible. This aid will find that verse by simply typing in that word or those words.

Bible Word and Phrase Search

Different Bible Versions

Bible e-mails and mailing lists
As you travel around the internet to the many Christian sites you will come across scores of sites that would love to send you Christian literature via e-mail. Some of it is sent daily, weekly, and monthly. You can learn a great deal simply by signing up for some of these free e-mail mailings. You will be very surprised at the great variety of Christian subject matter that these sites will send you. Some are good and some are not very good, and you can cancel them at any time. But the good ones are a tremendous opportunity to learn a great deal about the Word of God because they will give you meaning and understanding.

Bible Studies
Bible studies are a tremendous way to learn what the Bible says. Every church offers Bible studies, usually in the evening. Many religious programs on TV and radio offer free Bible studies through the postal mail. Many Christian web sites on the internet also offer a great many Bible studies conducted through e-mail. Bible studies are a fantastic way to illuminate and learn and to begin to understand exactly what the Bible is trying to tell you.

Listed below are just a few of the thousands of Bible studies that can be found on the internet.

Bible Study

Bible Study

Bible Study

Bible Study

Do your realize that your local library is an extremely rich source of Bible information and knowledge. There you will find dozens of books on each and every book of the Bible. These will explain every single verse in that book. You will also find in your local library books on every conceivable Christian topic that you can think of. You will come across all kinds of Bible commentaries and Bible interpretations. Another advantage of the library is that they will have a great many versions of the Bible. You can compare them, see which one is the most easily understood and which ones are the easiest for you to use. Just simply spending a few hours each week in the library reading Christian material will allow you to really begin to understand the Bible in just a few short weeks.

Free Literature
Just about every religious program on TV offers free books and pamphlets on specific Christian topics. The people behind these free offers want you to call and request this information because these people are trying to bring Christ into the lives of others. You could build an enormous library, and learn so much within a year just by calling these toll free phone numbers and requesting the free material. Every bit of this free material will be Bible based. And they will usually explain a great many verses in the Bible while they discuss Christian topics. And all this while using the Bible as the only reference.

Radio stations
There is usually at least a few religious radio stations in every city and town. They will have on them very interesting Christian speakers from all over the country with their own half hour radio programs. You can learn a great deal just by listening to some of these religious radio programs. Set your car radio to one of them and listen to it while you are driving. If at home, listen to one of them while your doing a chore. You will be amazed at how interesting they are and how much about the Bible you can quickly learn.

Other Christian believers
Just sitting down with other knowledgeable believers and simply talking about spiritual things is a great learning tool. You can learn so very much just by being in a discussion with a group of other Christians. Certain verses of the Bible will be made clearer because subjects take on greater understanding when two or more people are talking about them. So discussing certain Christian topics simply helps you to increase you knowledge about them.

You may ask, well what about all the ungodly information floating around now a days especially up on the internet? As you actually begin to understand more and more of the Bible, the false doctrine and the lies will stand out like a sore thumb. You will be able to pick out the lies a mile away. You will quickly know what is truth and what is not because as you progress you will know and understand the truth.

You are going to have a lot of help too, because as you get into your Bible study you will soon find that the Holy Spirit is leading you in ways that will greatly surprise you. He is going to guide you and lead you to all kinds of information in the most unexpected ways. The Holy Spirit is the teacher and the educator and it is he that will quickly open many doors for you once he sees that you are serious in your search for the truth.

Jesus Christ does not allow those who seek him to remain in the darkness.
2 Chronicles 15:2 "If you seek him, he will let you find him."
James 4:8 "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."

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