Different Ways To Learn About God And Understand The Bible

One can constantly increase their knowledge about God and Christianity from a number of different areas. And here are some of those areas.

1) From a church that centers on the Bible. It may take visiting a great number of churches before you find one that spends almost all of its time reading, talking about, and explaining the Bible. But it is very important that you find a church that spends most of its time in the Bible because everything other than the word of God is nothing but the teachings and doctrines of men.

There is no way that you can learn what God expects from you and what you can expect from God unless you spend time in the Word of God. Studying and understanding the Bible is the only way that you can fulfill the instructions contained in the following three verses concerning yourself and your fellow man.

Matthew 28:19-20 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

2 Chronicles 15:2 "If you seek Him, He will be found by you."

James 4:8 "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."

2) Listening to Godly TV ministers. Not ministers who look upon Christianity as a business and whose main goal is demanding money and building an empire, but by men who really and truly want to do their part in helping to lead as many souls as they can to Jesus Christ. These are Godly men like Charles Stanley. Men like this want nothing more than to tell others about Jesus Christ.

3) Send for and read all the free literature that you can. All of the TV religious programs will gladly send you books and pamphlets on an extraordinary wide range of Christian subjects. Call the toll free numbers and request all this information, so something is always coming into your house. And then every chance you get, read it. In fact you should be reading at least one Christian piece of literature at all times regardless of what else you are reading.

4) You can receive tremendous amounts of Christian Bible teachings through e-mail. There are a great many people out there that really want to send you all kinds of free e-mail teachings on all kinds of Christian topics. Every time you come across a Christian web site that is offering to send you Godly material, take advantage of it. Get on their mailing list and read the information that they send you.

5) Bible studies. Always be in the process of participating in at least one actual Bible study, either through e-mail, regular mail, or through your church. The Bible literally jumps to life for the person who is in a Bible study.

6) Maintaining a library. Video record just about every religious program you watch. You do this because there are always things in these programs that you want to go back and have explained again. So taping all these programs allows you to go back and take better notes. Once you have the better notes, then you can erase the tape. But what this allows you to do is to build a library on a tremendous number of Christian topics. And it might just include everything from how God looks upon suicide, to what the Bible has to say about the celebration of certain holy days and the times of the year that they are celebrated, to the importance the Virgin Mary has in the Bible. You can constantly improve and fine tune this library by adding new information to it.

7) Talking to others. Just getting together and talking about religious matters with one or two other people is a great way to learn about the Bible and strengthen your faith.

8) Start each day watching a religious program. There are a great many religious programs on TV in the very early hours of the day, so find one that you like. Then either tape it or get up an hour early every day and watch it. It is not only a great way to learn the Bible, but it is a great way to start each day.

9) Surf the net looking at Christian web sites. There are so many Godly people out there on the Internet with unbelievable and fantastic Godly viewpoints. The Holy Spirit will constantly surprise you by leading you to the web page of some little guy out, say in Kansas, who will give you whole new meanings on things that you thought you fully understood.

10) Research topics that you are interested in. As an example, suppose you became interested in prayer. Then why not do a Bible word search on prayer. Get a concordance at the public library and read every verse dealing with prayer and see what the Bible says about prayer. Surf the Internet looking for sites that talk about prayer. Visit your local library and examine the books there about prayer. Look for articles and other literature that talk about prayer. Research the subject so well that you soon become an expert on prayer. Take notes while you do all this, and then do a paper on it. Then put your paper up on the Internet, so others can benefit from your knowledge about prayer.

So that one single page not only helps you, it also helps an entire world of searching believers. Although you will never know it, that one single web page you have up there may just be responsible for saving the souls of a great number of people. And I promise you that while you are doing all this, there will be other topics that the Holy Spirit will bring across your path, and your interest in them will be just as strong as your interest in prayer is. So the number of web pages that you have on the internet slowly but surely continues to grow.

11) Mark up your Bible. If your Bible is in pristine condition and it looks like it has rarely been read, than more than likely it hasn't. A person's Bible should be full of highlighted words and sentences. Passages that have special meanings should be underlined. Notations should abound. There should be all kinds of key words and phrases that are written in the margins which help explain more fully the meaning of verses. When you read or hear something about a certain verse that you think is important, than go to your Bible and make a few notes at that verse. If your Bible does not have all kinds of notes on just about every page, then you are probably getting very little meaning out of reading the Bible.

12) Do it now. Whenever the Holy Spirit guides you to new information and you want to make notes, then make the notes immediately. If you don't make these notes immediately, then satan will steal the memory of that information right from your mind and he will do this very quickly. If you put off making the notes then more than likely you will never remember them because satan will cause you to forget what chapter that verse was in, or what book that information is in, or just simply distract you so that information simply fades from your memory.

One very important thing must be pointed out.
There is a great deal of misinformation coming in from many of the above areas, so what ever information you accept must be able to be found in, and be backed up by, your Bible. It must conform to what is written in the very word of God, for that is the only thing any of us has that is from God. If it is not in the Bible then it is merely man's theory and opinion. But the incredible thing is that the more you study and the more you learn, then the easier it will be for you to pick out the false information. As you learn more and more, you will be able to spot false doctrines and false teachings a mile away.

That is why when most people decide to join a church they are for the most part biblically illiterate. Very few of them have spent very much time in the Holy Bible, and without Bible study they don't have any idea what the Bible says nor do they have any idea what God wants or expects from them.

And that is one reason why many believers begin to look at other churches for their spiritual guidance once they begin to study the Word of God. For suddenly their eyes begin to open and they start to see that their church is not teaching what the Bible says. Rather much of their church's teachings seem to actually go against what the Bible says. And it is not very long before the believer who is studying the Bible begins to realize that much of the doctrines of their church are man made and false, and much of it is not supported by the Holy Word of God. So for many people who truly begin to study the Bible, a search for a more truthful church begins.

It may seem that to do all of the above will take just about every waking minute of your day. But it doesn't. The important factors are knowing what is important and what is not, and using your time wisely. You can spend 30 minutes playing solitaire on your computer or you can pick up a religious piece of literature and read that. The importance you place on God can all be summed up by the degree of desire that you have in your heart to know him.


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