A famous philosopher once said that the worse thing in the entire world is loneliness. Even with about 6 billion people in the world today many people are still lonely. But there is someone else that I think is very lonely. I think God is lonely. Not just lonely, lonely, but extremely lonely. Sure, alot of people come to God and talk to him when they are in need, or when they are depressed, or when they are hurting and in pain. They love to ask God for favors. But when the disaster is over, when the problem has been solved, when the need for immediate assistance is no longer needed, then most people tell God to basically hit the road. They pretty much tell God, "I'll call you the next time I need you." Think about that happening to you and wouldn't that make you lonely and miserable?


Very few people ever treat God like a real friend and few people really want God as a buddy. They don't see God as someone that they can talk to during the day, in fact most people feel they are far to busy to waste their time thinking about God. They say that their lives are to hectic and far to demanding to spend any time with him. Anyway, they tell him that they will see him in Church on Sunday. Most people feel that an hour a week with God is just fine. To make matters even worse, a lot of people feel very, very uncomfortable even thinking about God. He just gives them a very unnerving feeling.

It's kind of funny that a person should feel that way about the creator that brought them into existence. It even becomes ridiculous if you consider that if saved, that person will be spending the rest of eternity with the God that they really don't want to have very much to do with. Yes it is very unfortunate that most people want God to stay on the "other side" of the room. They really don't want his advice or guidance. They just want God to sort of be like a 911 emergency type of God. They want him only when they really need him. Talk about being used, of being taken advantage of, of treating someone with little or no respect. It's really a classic example of a one way relationship.

How would you feel if you had a friend and the only time you heard from them or saw them was when they needed something? Who called you up only when they had a favor to ask? Would only talk to you if there was something that you could do for them?

The average person just doesn't seem to realize that God desires a personal and intimate and loving relationship with them. God longs for the time when you simply talk to him, when you think about him, when you ask for his help or guidance. He desperately wants you to allow him to speak to your heart. He wants you to read his word and learn about him. His love for you is so great that even though you spend so little time with God, you still walk surrounded and bathed in his love. He is concerned about every single aspect of your life and he really wants only the very best for you, while at the same time he wants you to love him back. But sadly, few people even give God the time of day.

Let me ask you a question. You say you are a true believer, that you are saved, and that you will be spending eternity in heaven. If that is true, then do you really want to spend all eternity with a God you don't know and don't really want to talk to or listen to or think about? Here's a God who created everything, and he is the reason why you are even alive. How in the world do you think God is going to feel when you finally stand before him and he looks at you and wonders why you never had any time for him? What are you going to tell him when he asks you why you spent most of your life completely ignoring him? How are you going to explain why he wasn't worth any of your precious time? Time that he gave you.

I have a couple more questions for you. Jesus said that the most important commandment is, "And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and mind, and strength. This is the first commandment of God." (Matthew 22:37 & Mark 12:29). My question is how can you love someone that you don't even know, that you have never taken the time or made the effort to understand, that you spend so little time with, and that you make no effort to find out about. What he thinks or how he feels is of no importance to you. How can you possibly love someone who you care so little about and how can you claim to love someone who you don't even want around unless there is some kind of trouble that he might get you out of? And the second question is, if the above is true, are you sure that you are really saved? Is it possible that the biggest deceiver in your life, the one who is going to lead you right up to and through the gates of hell, is You?

I think you would agree that a true believer would act like God is right next to him all the time, because that is indeed just where God is. And God is just waiting for you to talk to him, waiting just for those few brief moments when you acknowledge him, think about him, and show him some love and respect. Your God is just waiting for you to talk to him and he desperately wants to talk to you, not in words, but through your mind and your heart. But before God can begin to talk to you, something must happen. You have to be receptive to God's words. You have to begin to communicate with God and listen for God to speak. You have to begin to get your heart in the right mind set. And most importantly you cannot go on ignoring God.

God wants to be your trusted confidant, your very best friend, someone that you can come to so that you can tell him not only about all your hurts, your worries, your pains, and your doubts, but also to tell him about the good things that are happening in your life. He also wants you to tell him about the little everyday occurrences that are happening to you. God doesn't want to be left out of any part of your life. God wants to be treated just like you treat your best friend. Also keep in mind the relationship you have with God - that he is your Father and you are his child.

So it may be time that you started to treat God like a real true friend. If you are a true saved Christian believer then you will have an inner desire to do this anyway. And here is what will happen when you do this. To begin with you will find that almost immediately you have become much closer to God and you will begin to understand him. He will also open your mind and your heart to receive knowledge about himself and his Son. The Holy Spirit will begin to work in your life. And your love and trust for him will begin to grow.

But something else will begin to happen. God will realize that indeed here is a good friend that really cares about me and who is willing to do his share in lessening my loneliness. And at a time when God has so few true friends he is going to just shout with joy when you begin talking to him, think about him, ask his guidance concerning your plans and dreams and hopes. God is going to beam with delight when he sees that you are beginning to recognize his presence in your life.

Think of the pleasure it will bring God when you periodically say a small little prayer to him, when you take a moment and offer thanks to him for all the good things that are happening in your daily life. God will be so proud when you tell him that you are trying to lead a life that is pleasing to him, but that you constantly need his encouragement and his guidance.

And here is what else will happen when God sees you being a true friend, when he sees you doing your part in helping to take away his loneliness, when he sees that you are no longer ignoring him. This God who is all powerful and all loving will begin to rain down on you blessings that you can't even imagine. Peace and serenity will descend down upon you. God's love will wrap itself around you. This God who created everything will move heaven and earth to show his love for a true friend. This God who is all powerful is going to surround and seal you in a protective Godly covering. Walking arm and arm with the almighty God of heaven and earth will cause love and joy to come into your life. Peace and happiness, contentment and joy will engulf you.

And this all happened because you finally decided that you wanted God to be your friend. That you wanted to be close to God. This happened when you became a true friend to God, and it happened at a time when you began to greatly lessen God's loneliness. You began to bring great joy to God and he is going to bless you and reward you in ways that you can't even comprehend.

But what happens if you don't change and you remain a lukewarm Christian?
There is an extremely interesting verse about what God is going to do to those Christians who are lukewarm and who have caused him to be lonely. It is found at Revelation 3:16. "But because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth."

There are a great number of warnings aimed right at lukewarm believers who are trying to straddle the fence and have it both ways. Pretending to be faithful servants of God while at the same time looking to pagan gods of this world for answers. One very good example is found at 1 Kings 18:21 "And Elijah came to all the people, and said, "How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if it is false god, then follow him." But the people answered him not a word".

Chances are you are not a cold Christian, otherwise you wouldn't be reading information in a Christian area. However you may be a lukewarm Christian, especially if you think that the only Godly requirement that you have, is to attend church for one hour on Sunday, and you feel that after that one hour on Sunday your obligation for being a Christian is over? If so, you may very well be a lukewarm Christian. Also you may be a lukewarm Christian if you seldom pray or talk to God, rarely ever think about him, never do anything to learn about God, and don't really want God to guide your life and instruct you in the ways of being a child of God. You may fall into the lukewarm category if you can't remember when the last time you opened the Bible and read from it was.

Do you feel that breaking his commandments occasionally is OK because you are only human and besides, everyone else is breaking them? Or that you feel that you can conduct your life by your own means and become saved by your own devices? Do you feel that since everyone is doing something sinful then it is ok for you to do it to? If so you may very well fall into that lukewarm category. You may also be lukewarm if there is no love in your heart for your fellow man but instead feel that your fellow man better stay away from you and leave you alone.

If you have no desire to find out what God expects from you, nor are you interested in God's beliefs or his teachings, then I'm afraid that you may be a lukewarm Christian. If you would rather remain ignorant about God and his ways, prefer the darkness rather than the light, refuse to exert the effort to find the truth, rarely if ever thank God for all the wonderful blessings that he is constantly giving you, then by your own God given free will you have made yourself, and kept yourself, a lukewarm Christian. And the lukewarm Christian is what makes God lonely.


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