Testing our spiritual growth

Are you growing in your relationship with Christ

This is a short little test to help you determine if you are growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

You know you are growing in your relationship with Christ when:

You are becoming increasingly aware of your sinfulness and weaknesses.

Your response to sin is quick and followed by genuine repentance.

Your spiritual battles are becoming more fierce and yet you still rejoice.

You begin to see trials and temptations as opportunities for growth. Your first response to the trials coming into your life now is, "Lord, what are you trying to teach me"?

You view service to him as an honor and not a burden.

You view everything as coming from God. He is sovereign, so he either brought it or allowed it.

You sense your faith growing stronger, it takes more and more to ruffle you.

You desire to spend more time in praise and worship. You're in love with the Lord and you want to show it.

Your desire to obey him becomes more intense and sin becomes less attractive.

You are eager to share with others what Christ is doing in your life.

You experience more awareness of his presence at all times, not just in places like Church on Sundays.

You jealously guard your quiet times of prayer and Bible study.

You prefer to spend time with him above all others. The more time you spend with him, the more you become like him.

There is no such thing as a stagnant Christian life. It is a misconception to believe it's possible to reach a certain point in your walk with Christ and remain there indefinitely. Instead, there are only two directions for the Christian. You either can move forward in a growing relationship with the Lord, or you can move backward, drifting further away from him.You either are growing in Christ's likeness or you are not. It is impossible to stay in one spot.


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